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Magnificent Music Machines Museum

Liskeard South Cornwall 01579 343108
Paul's father, who started the Museum in 1967, was the last Miller of St Keyne and bought Lametton Mill, as it was known, in 1938. The Mill was once part of the Manor of Lametton, which in the time of the Domesday book 1086, was owned by the half brother of William the Conqueror.

The Edison Phonograph

Thomas Alva Edison's Phonograph was invented in 1877, the world's first sound recording and playback system. During the tour you will be able to hear sound recordings from the early 1900's on Edison's Blue Amberol cylinders, including singers, bands of the period and recordings of Paul's Grandfather, Bransby Williams (1870 - 1961), who was one of the great stars of the British Music Hall and an important mentor of the young Charlie Chaplin.

The Polyphon

The Polyphon was one of the most popular disc playing musical boxes of the 1890 – 1910 era and was made in Leipzig Germany. The company eventually became Polydor or Deutsche Grammophon.

The Pianola or Player Piano

These instruments first came out in the late 1890's, but by the 1920's had evolved into the Reproducing Piano such as the Ampico, where the paper rolls could reproduce the playing of great Pianists like Rachmaninov or in the field of lighter music, you could hear some of the American Popular Pianists of the day, playing the hits of Broadway and Hollywood.  

The 1929 Mighty Wurlitzer

The Theatre Organ was originally developed to provide music for the Silent Film and to replace an orchestra. The Wurlitzer has hundreds of organ pipes, a full range of Percussions, Xylophone, Glockenspiel, Chimes, Sleigh Bells, Drums, Cymbals and Sound Effects for Silent Films such as Bird Whistle, Motor Horn, and Horses Hooves. The showing of Silent films was never silent; there was always a Pianist, Organist or Orchestra providing the background music.  Have you seen the new Silent Film, “The Artist”, with music from a full Orchestra?

Paul's Uncle, Eric Bransby Williams (1900-1994) was a star of many Silent Films in the 1920's including Alfred Hitchcock's last Silent Film "Easy Virtue" 1927.  

Free Car Park, Picnic Area by the River. Dogs on leads welcome, the most dog friendly place to visit in Cornwall!!!
Address St Keyne, Liskeard, Cornwall, PL14 4SH
Telephone 01579 343108

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