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Padstow May Day (Obby Oss Day) (1st May)

Padstow North Cornwall 01841 533449
May Day is the biggest day in Padstow's calendar. The origins of this traditional celebration are lost in the midst of time but it's thought to celebrate the arrival of spring and may even be an ancient fertility festival.

The town is decorated with flags and flowers, whilst the inhabitants of Padstow (those born in the town) traditionally dress in white; with family loyalties dictating whether they follow the "Old" or the "Blue Ribbon" Oss.

The festivities start at 10am with the 'Blue' Oss making its first appearance from its stable, followed at 11am by the appearance of the 'Red' Oss from its home. Both 'Obby 'Osses dance through the streets and are prodded by acolytes known as "Teasers" and are followed by a parade of supporters, the Mayers" singing the "Morning Song. Celebrations go on all day until the Oss finally goes to bed after 10pm.
Address North Quay, Padstow, Cornwall, Padstow
Telephone 01841 533449

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