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Helston West Cornwall
Porthleven is a town and fishing port near Helston in west Cornwall. The most southerly port in the British Isles, the 18th century harbour at Porthleven was originally built as a safe haven for ships struggling in stormy weather. Based in the centre of Mounts Bay, Porthleven was also centre for shipbuilding, and was once a busy port for exporting tin, and importing machinery used for mining.

Due to its location, Porthleven is a known spot for storm watchers, with huge waves rolling in from Mounts Bay sometimes crashing up over the rocks and engulfing the local houses in more severe weather. Perhaps the most prominent feature of Porthleven is the 70ft clocktower on the harbour, built in 1884. With many ship wrecks and a local reef, Porthleven is a popular area for divers, and big surfing waves at Porthleven Beach bring surfers from miles around in the correct conditions.

There are a number of pubs in Porthleven such as The Ship Inn right overlooking the water, there are also many restaurants and shops to wander around as well as the pretty harbour to sit and admire. Nearby Loe Bar is a beautiful beach to visit, but beware of strong currents, people are advised not to swim or surf at Loe Bar.

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